Fotevikens in the FTVR Location focus today

Foteviken is our Location of the Day today for the Follow the Vikings Craig Morrison filmed the battle scenes at Fotevikens Museum with the help of the Jorvik Vikingr and the Skane Vikings.

It was a very intense hard week capturing all the footage that was necessary to create the backdrops for part of the Follow The Viking visuals. Bjorn Jakobsen, the Yarl of Foteviken also plays Odin, the supersized God at the event.

Footage of The Norns and The Raven were also filmed here.

A little bit about Foteviken A living history museum or open air museum as it is also called is no traditional museum. There are no glass display cases, no halls with marble floors, no descriptive signs and not even a traditional museum building. Instead you will find an entire late Viking Age town reconstructed using the materials and techniques of the time.

A great family day out from Copenhagen