Glasgow Portrait Project

An interactive large scale event, where the people of Glasgow could see their own portrait projected onto the front of the iconic Glasgow architecture as part of the Unesco Year of Light celebrations in Glasgow City Centre

Glasgow Portrait Project © Craig Morrison 2016
Collaborative work curated by Craig Morrison working with the Staff and Students from the Glasgow City College

Curator of Blinc at the Adelaide Festival

Blinc Adelaide was a large, free, outdoor, light based arts festival in Australia, featuring the artworks from 28 artists from all over the world. Craig Morrison was employed as the curator of the event, creating an exciting platform for many established and emerging artists. The event was held in central Adelaide over a 7-day period and was visited by over 250,000 people. Artworks included the world’s first 360 degree mapped projections, animations, live VJ, installations, interactive participation artworks and other light
based works from some of the most prestigious artists in the world, including  Ryoichi Kurokawa and Hartung & Trenz