Thank You Alan Turing

A large scale light work dedicated to Alan Turing, the father of modern computers. The piece was originally shown in 2012 during Turing’s centenary year to celebrate a great mind and draw attention to the way he was treated by the UK government.A large neon of Turing’s Poetic epitaph was positioned under powerful lasers to pulse thank you in morse code into the night sky.

The neon is now part of the public collections at The Lowry in Manchester.

“His fundamental work in computing has helped to shape what we see in contemporary life, while his wartime work on codebreaking definitely contributed to the preservation of our freedom of expression”.
Craig Morrison, Blinc curator. BBC News. 2013.

Green Bay

Green Bay is an installation inspired by “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Goodnight “ by Dylan Thomas. A mixed media work using perspex, steel , 4 x OSP lasers, Led lights, water, books, and oil paint.

Supported by the Arts Council of Wales.